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Activate AVG Business Edition with a new license number


When you purchase a renewal, upgrade to another AVG edition or increase of your current license, you will receive a new AVG License Number that needs to be inserted manually into your current AVG program.

Please follow the steps below to activate AVG Business Edition with your newly purchased AVG License Number:

  1. Open the AVG Program.
  2. In the Options menu (AVG 2013 and 2016), click Reactivate.
  3. Use the copy & paste method to enter your newly purchased AVG License Number in the License Number Field
  4. The License will be validated when entered; click Activate
  5. You may receive a prompt to restart AVG, otherwise the program will restart on its own


To activate your new license number in AVG Remote Administration, please follow these steps:

Activate in AVG Admin Server:

  1. Open the start menu/start screen -> AVG Remote Administration -> AVG Admin Server Monitor -> select Server Settings
  2. Under License select Change and enter the new license number -> click OK 
  3. Confirmation should appear that the license has been changed, click OK -> OK
  4. You will be prompted to restart the AVG Admin Server at this point, click Yes (this will not restart the computer)
  5. Once restarted, minimize the AVG Admin Server Monitor

Activate in AVG Admin Console:

  1. Open AVG Admin Console -> in the navigation tree select Shared Settings under Licenses -> double-click Shared Settings in the Shared Settings window
  2. Enter the new license number in the appropriate boxes (if you are using older AVG versions such as AVG 2013 you will have to enter the license in the 2013 license number section)
  3. Click OK -> the license number will be populated
  4. Now right click Stations at the top of the navigation tree -> Shared settings for stations -> select Synchronize Settings
  5. The new license number will now be pushed to all connected devices

Note: If the previous license is expired, support can provide a utility to change the license on the devices, as the connection is severed between the devices and the admin server.

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