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On how many computers can I install AVG


The number of computers or devices where you can install AVG is determined by your AVG product and your license.

AVG Internet Security - Unlimited, AVG TuneUp - Unlimited and AVG Ultimate

When you purchase one of these products, you are entitled to install AVG Internet Security - Unlimited and/or AVG TuneUp - Unlimited on all devices (PCs, Macs and Android phones) in your household. To take advantage of your AVG license, you only need to connect each device to the AVG MyAccount via the AVG management console (formerly known as AVG Zen).

For more information refer to the article How to create and connect to an AVG Network (formerly known as AVG Zen Network).

AVG AntiVirus and Internet Security 

The license for these products is typically available for 1 or 3 computers, with other options available as well. To check the number of computers that can be protected by your license:

  1. Open AVG, and then click Support in the top menu.
  2. The line Product Name shows the type of your license, and the number of computers covered by the license.


The number of computers covered by your license is shown in the Invoice, Order Confirmation & License email that you received after the purchase. Alternativelly, visit and fill in your email address to have your full license information sent to you via email.

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