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AVG installation is failing


Note: To resolve error message "Update has detected running installation. Complete that installation before starting update.", see 'Update has detected running installation' message when updating AVG

The following solutions will help you with the most common installation issues. Click the issue or message you see when the installation fails to show the solution.

General Solution to Common Installation Issues

Please complete the following steps to resolve most common installation issues:

A. Use the AVG Reset Access tool to repair any corrupted access rights to AVG files

  1. Save all your work, close all documents and running programs.
  2. Download the AVG Reset Access tool.
  3. Close all running programs.
  4. Run the downloaded file, and then click Accept to confirm the license agreement.
  5. Click Continue to apply the fix. Your computer will be restarted.

B. Use AVG Remover to remove any previous version of AVG, or its parts.

  1. Download the AVG Remover tool.
  2. Run the downloaded file and then click Continue to accept the AVG’s License Agreement and Privacy Policy. AVG Remover scans your computer to find all installed AVG products.
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  3. Select the product you would like to uninstall and click Remove.
    User-added image
  4. Click Restart.
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  5. If the Open File - Security Warning dialog appears after the restart, click Run to complete the uninstallation.
  6. If prompted, restart your computer again.

C. Download and install AVG:

Please see the following articles based on your particular product for detailed installation instructions:

"Installation failed" with error code 0xC0070643

If the issue persists after completing the steps in the General Solution, please contact technical support using this form. The error code 0xC0070643 is a general one and a solution will be offered to you once our support agents analyze the situation in detail.

Error code 0x6001f916, 0xe001f90b, 0x6001f90b or 0xe001f916

These four error codes signal that the setup requires a computer restart. Please restart your computer to complete the installation.

Error 0xe001d026 or 0xc00700652

This error is displayed when there is another installation in progress. This installation could refer to another program, application,or a Windows update. In order for AVG to install properly, please ensure that there are no other setup or updates running. If you have other setup or update running, please stop the install/update, restart your computer and restart the AVG installation.

Error 0xe001f915

This error code is displayed when the installation was cancelled. Please restart the AVG installation.

Error 0xe001d028

This error code is displayed when there is a conflicting application detected on your system. Please uninstall any other AntiVirus applications and Firewalls from your system. For more information about removing applications that conflict with AVG, please read the article How to Remove conflicting anti-virus products and Applications in conflict with AVG.

Error 0xe0060006

Errors 0xE0018D06 and 0xE0060006 may appear when AVG installation is failing, signalling a problem while downloading the AVG installation file.

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To resolve this issue, please download the AVG Remover Tool  to completely uninstall your current AVG installation from your PC. Once you have uninstalled, please install AVG Antivirus Free.

If you are using a Free version of an AVG Product and still experiencing difficulties, you can contact AVG Go 24x7 for a free consultation.

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